Grande Prairie Pipes

Grande Prairie Pipes

Smoking marijuana for the first time is not as simple as one may think. Smokers, particularly the beginners, need to know and understand the importance of control and regulation as far as the amount of cannabis that you would want to intake. As a beginner, you certainly would not want to get high, and the key lies in your choice of pipe. People who are searching for the best Grande Prairie pipes that are available should first understand the different types of pipes and their benefits and disadvantages.

If you are searching for a good pipe that you can use for starters, let us first check out the different types of smoking pipes and how they can work to your advantage.

  1. The hand pipe – first, let us start with the hand pipe, which is the default pipe for most, if not all beginners. Hand pipes are easy favorites primarily because of their size. As their name implies, hand pipes easily fit into one`s palm and are the perfect option for beginners and casual smokers alike. But like any other product, you need to choose your hand pipe wisely. There are the hand pipes made of glass, which may look attractive but are very hard to clean and prone to breakage. If you are lucky enough, you may find hand pipes that are made of either metal or plastic.

  2. The water pipe – next is the water pipe, which is considered by some to be the next level of pipes, after graduating from the hand pipes. Also called as the bong, the water pipe is made for the more experienced type of smoker. Through its percolation chamber, the water pipe or bong transforms the smoke into water vapor, which results in a cleaner and smoother hit. Generally, bongs are made of metal, plastic, or glass, and can cost you for up to as much as $20 for a large variant that is also hand-made.

  3. The one-hitters – there also are the one-hitters, which are made for the casual and always-on-the-go smokers. Unlike the hand pipe and bong, a one-hitter comes in small metal casings where you put the cannabis and smoke as if you are smoking a cigarette. One-Hitters will let you enjoy cannabis in a very discrete manner.

  4. The wood pipe – lastly, there are the wood pipes, which is perfect for smokers who are looking to project a more sophisticated image while smoking. Wooden pipes work very similarly to the hand pipes, but because of their composition, they can give smokers a unique flavor for every hit. If you are looking at the more resourceful route, you may even want to use your grandfather’s old pipe.

Before purchasing a bong or pipe, you need to determine which type will best suit you. Moreover, you also need to consider the frequency of your usage, as well as the place for storage, as these factors will affect the quality of the hit.

If you are searching for quality Grande Prairie pipes, Retro Relics Hemporium and Bazaar offers an extensive selection of glass pipes, metal pipes, and wooden pipes for different kinds of smokers. Feel free to call us up at 780-832-0110 to learn more.

Grande Prairie Pipes
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