GEAR Premium Banger Insert-Medium


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GEAR Premium Banger Insert-Medium

Option 1

With everything at room temperature  place the empty Insert into the  the banger. Then  to heat your banger as you normally would. The heat will transfer from the quartz banger to the quartz dish, giving you an enhanced version of a Thermal Banger

Pro:  Great Heat Retention , Giving you plenty of time to load your concentrate into the banger

Con: Longer Heat Up Time

Option 2

With everything at room temperature  heat the insert itself, holding it with  a tool , then place it into the room temp banger and wait as long as you would on a regular banger before loading the the Concentrate . Once the vapor has cleared, remove the insert and clean with Tip Tech Cotton Swabs.

Pro:  Keeps your banger looking fresh & new  longer ,  When you need to replace something an insert is much cheaper to replace than an entire nail

Con: Shorter heat retention time

Option 3

With everything at room temp, load your preferred size Dab  into the insert,  then heat  your Flat Top Banger as you normally would. Once you have it at your desired temp, place the pre-loaded insert into the heated banger.Its recommended to wait  10 seconds before placing the insert inside the head after heating) When the oil begins to bubble and boil, carb cap it and inhale slowly

Pro:  The gradual heat transfer from cup to insert  ensurers full flavor

Con:  Non

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